This page is for students of Mrs Jones's English 4 class.

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Tuesday (5/20/14)

Objective - Analyze, draw conclusions, and make inferences about theme.

Warm up -
1. Write the objective.
2. Grab your Interactive Reader.

Today -
Read "To Marguerite" in your IR.
Answer questions in the margins as you read.
Answer questions over "Dover Beach" and "To Marguerite" at the end of the section. Compare the themes of the two poems.

Wednesday (5/21/14)

Objective - Analyze complex plot structures and character's moral dilemmas in fiction.

Warm up-
1. Write the objective.
2. Grab your IR.

Today -
We have reached Modernism - These authors rejected all previous traditions who deliberately broke away from Victorian Era. Many authors experimented with new styles of writing.

Start on page 396 and complete the Before Reading activities for "The Rocking-Horse Winner."
Read "The Rocking-Horse Winner" (398) and complete the questions in the margins.
Complete the After Reading activities starting on page 415 - 417.